How to play Fish Prawn Crab game online at W88 for beginners


Fish Prawn Crab is the most popular gambling game in Vietnam. Vietnamese people often play this game on holidays, especially Lunar New Year. The game has a similar gameplay to Western Roulette. Let’s learn more about how to play Fish Prawn Crab at W88 in the article below.

Introduction of Fish Prawn Crab on W88

Fish Prawn Crab at W88 has eye-catching images, vivid sound and friendly interface suitable for all devices from computers to mobile smartphones, stable network connection. For first-time players, Fish Prawn Crab can seem quite confusing. There are different symbols of Fish, Shrimp and Crab, Tiger, Gourd and Chicken, placed on the board.

In fact, the gameplay is quite simple. The main goal of Fish Prawn Crab is to correctly predict the outcome that will appear on one of the three dice.

Fish Prawn Crab Game Rules on W88

The rules of Fish Prawn Crab are extremely simple. We will have 3 dice. However, instead of the familiar symbol on the face of the dice, in the online game, there will be 6 sides of the dice with the image of animals: chicken, crab, shrimp, gourd, tiger, fish.

How to play Fish Prawn Crab W88

The dealer will then roll 3 dice, your winning or losing result will depend on the 3 dice displayed after spinning.

If one of the three dice shows the symbol of your choice, the odds of winning are 1:2. If two of the three dice have the same symbol as your bet then the payout will be 1:3. And if all three dice show the same symbol, the odds of winning will be a whopping 1:13.

You can predict a combo of 2 types of symbols appearing at the same time. Bet on 2 Dice Combo, with odds of winning up to 1:6. And finally, the 3-Dice Combo has a winning ratio of up to 1:8.

To win, all three dice must have a combination of the two symbols you have chosen. For example, you bet on a fish and a tiger. Three dice must appear: two fish and a tiger or a fish and two tigers.

Best Fish Prawn Crab Strategy

Take a close look at your fellow players

Those who bet and win many times show that they have very good skills in guessing the outcome. Make a bet with that person to increase your chances of winning.

Remember the position of the dice

Remember the position of the dice on the previous turn. Based on that, eliminate the possibility of losing the match in the next turn. There are almost no opposites of the symbol that appeared on the previous turn.

Animal symbols can be selected adjacent to the faces that appeared in the previous game. Therefore, you should practice more skills in remembering the face of the dice during the game.

Practice a lot to learn experience, practice skills

This is no longer debatable. You can practice playing at home, or try out the free versions on websites that offer Fish Prawn Crab to practice judgment skills. Especially for people playing online crabs, they should play more and more times.

How to calculate probability of Fish Prawn Crab

According to the mathematical formula, the probability of the game is p=(1/6)*3=1/2.
Thus, when placing all the icons, there will be the following situations:

  • The dealer opens 3 different symbols, this time the player will tie with the dealer.
  • If, when opened, there are 2 of the same symbol and 1 other symbol, the dealer wins 1/4.
  • The dealer will win 2/5 if he opens 3 of the same symbols.

We also have the following probabilities of opening groups of outcomes:

  • With 3 different symbols having 120 cases, the player’s win rate is 0.
  • The appearance of 2 identical symbols has up to 90 cases, the win rate is 2/6.
  • The appearance of 3 of the same symbol has 6 cases, the win rate is 1/6.


Above is the most complete how to play Fish Prawn Crab for those who want to participate in this entertainment on W88. Fish Prawn Crab game online will definitely bring participants an extremely interesting entertainment time.

Do not forget to update your betting experience through the articles that W88 has shared to improve your betting level.

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