Domino QQ W88 – How to play Domino QQ online at bookmaker

Domino QQ W88
How to play Domino QQ W88 online for beginners

Domino QQ is a variation of the poker game. Right from the very beginning of the game Domino QQ has shown its strong attraction at W88 Online casino. If you are looking to learn about how to play Domino QQ W88 then this article is for you.

Introducing Domino QQ game at W88

Domino QQ is a card game that originated in China. The form of the game takes place in a confrontation between two members in order to win money. If you have ever known through the usual card game betting games, winning with this QQ game is relatively easy.

Domino QQ is considered a variant of the Poker card game. It has a similar gameplay and is highly innovative. Basically, this game divides winners and losers based on the total number of cards. But there is a more creative and unexpected way to play.

Instructions on how to play Domino QQ at W88 Online

Domino QQ Game Rules

You need at least 2 participants and at most 6 to start the table. This is how to play head-to-head against others. So the intervention of the house is completely absent. Except for dealing cards and calculating bonus points.

How to play Domino QQ W88 online
How to play Domino QQ online

As a general rule, the player receives the first 3 cards and begins the first round of challenge. Going through this round, you get 1 more card and start the 2nd round.

At the end of 2 rounds, all players (excluding Fold) have to face up their cards to decide whether to win or lose. If anyone has the highest card combination, that person wins. This point is similar in the way of playing cards of Poker. Therefore, if you already know the rules of Poker, it is an advantage.

How to arrange cards in Domino QQ

When participating in Domino QQ, the system will automatically arrange cards for you. But you still need to know the rules of the game as follows:

  • 4 cards are arranged into 2 hands including left and right. Players need to arrange cards so that the left hand has the highest score, all the remaining cards are on the right hand.
  • Then all players compare the points of the cards in their left hand. If the player with the highest score wins.
  • In the event that the points on the left hand are equal, the dealer begins to compare the player’s right hand to decide whether to win or lose.
  • When the number of points in the right hand is also equal, the points of the largest cards are calculated from the 4 dealt cards.
  • In case the largest card is still equal, we will compare the upper part of the card to find out who won the bet.

How to calculate Domino QQ

As introduced, Domino QQ is a game that wins by points in online gambling. So the scoring rule of Domino QQ is very strict. In each game there are 28 cards and each card is divided into 2 parts, including upper and lower.

Players will rely on the buttons of this card to calculate points. The total score is calculated in units and omitted tens.

Specifically, if you have 2 cards in your hand with values of 6 and 7, then the total number of cards received is 6 + 7 = 13. We take the result as 3.

After we have the results, we compare the scores of the left hand hands with each other in the following cases. In the game there are 5 combinations, you can win by owning them. These special forms are ranked from large to small:

  • First place: is a set of 6, which means a total of 6 points.
  • Second place: is a pair, which means that all your cards are equal in terms of over and under.
  • Third place: small hand, determined when the sum of 4 cards is less than or equal to 9.
    Fourth place: is the big hand, determined when the sum of 4 cards is greater than or equal to 39.
  • Fifth place: is the hand that determines if the sum of the points in each pair that appears is equal to 9.

Permissions in Domino QQ

Permissions in Domino QQ

Call: when the previous player increases the bet, if you feel your card is likely to win, you can Call.

Fold: when the previous player increases his bet, if you feel your hand is not likely to win, you can choose Fold.

Raise: is to increase the initial bet.

All-in: is a bet with all the money you have.


Above is a detailed guide on how to play Domino QQ for beginners. Register now for a betting account on W88 betting and play Domino QQ.