Cricket Betting Guide – How to bet on Cricket online for Australia

Cricket Betting Guide
Cricket Betting Guide - How to bet on Cricket online for Australia

Cricket is a very popular sport around the world. Accordingly, both participating teams will use bats to hit the ball, each team will include a total of 11 players playing on a circular field. Learn more about how to bet on Cricket with ww88club in the article below.

Cricket betting rules at W88 online

If the venue is changed, all bets will still stand in the event that the venue is not changed to the opponent’s home ground.

For international venues, changes can be made as long as the new venue is still within a country, your bets will still stand.

All hitter bets will be settled on the score of the named batter, any extra points scored while the player is hitting the ball will not count towards the total.

Most Popular Cricket Bet Types at W88 betting house

Bet on the outcome of the match

The most popular form of cricket betting is betting on the outcome of the match. This is a simple bet as you only have to choose from 3 different outcomes. You will choose if you think the home team will win, the away team will win or if the match ends in a draw, this bet is quite similar to European bets in football betting. Due to the simplicity of this bet, it is very popular among cricket bettors. Currently, you can how to bet on Cricket online at the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Cricket Betting Types
Popular Cricket Betting Types

Completed match bets

For matches of the day, you can bet if you think the match will end on that day or not. If you believe the weather or some other external factor could affect the end of the match on that day, then you may consider betting that the match will not be completed. For this bet you will only bet yes or no if the match will end on the date it was scheduled.

Bet on Runs

For this bet you will try to correctly predict the number of runs that will be scored in the first inning of the match. In most sportsbooks like W88 you will find this type of bet as an over/under bet. In this case, the bookie will post the number of runs and then you will just bet that the actual number of runs scored will be more or less than the number shown.

Bet on the top bowler

If you are looking to bet on a specific number of players, you might consider betting on the top bowler. Here you will choose the player you believe will lose the most points in a match or series of matches. You will decide which player from either team will win this title. If you can choose correctly, you will be rewarded with a good amount of money because this is very unpredictable.

Bet on top batters

Another player-specific bet is the top betters bet. For this bet you will need to choose the player you think will score the most goals in a match or series of matches. You can choose from any player on either team. Since this bet is harder to predict than just picking which team will win, it often has extremely high payouts.

Even/odd run bets

For this type of cricket betting, you will bet on whether a team’s score in the match will be odd or even. It should be noted that 0 is considered an even number for this bet. With only two potential outcomes for this bet, it’s a very simple bet.

Advantages of playing Cricket betting at W88 Online

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Due to its growing popularity in the Indian subcontinent, cricket is considered as the second most popular sport in the world and therefore online cricket betting is of interest to many bettors.

Hopefully with this betting products you have enough experience learning Cricket betting guide and confidence to participate in cricket betting at the W88 bookies. Join to create an account W88 to play today to put the knowledge you have just learned into practice. Hope to hear good news from you.