Blackjack Perfect Pairs: How to play and Strategy for Beginners

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

The name of the blackjack game comes from a side bet called Blackjack Perfect Pairs that has become popular on online casinos. Learn more about how to play and the right strategies for Blackjack Perfect Pairs on the W88 online bookie in the post below.

Overview of Blackjack Perfect Pairs on W88

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a side wager in which the player wagers that the player’s initial two cards will form a pair. Three different types of pairs exist, and each pair has a unique chance of winning.

For cards with values between 2 and 10, or for jacks, queens, kings, and aces, the same face value, two cards are regarded to be a pair if they have the same numerical value.

Three different kinds of pairs exist:

  • A “mixed pair” is a pair with the same number or face card value but a different suit and color.
  • A colored pair is defined as having the same number/face card value, the same color, and a separate suit.
  • A perfect pair has the same number/face card value, the same color, and the same suit.

Prior to any cards being dealt, players must determine if they wish to participate in the Perfect Pairs side bet. After that, the side bet will be resolved in accordance with the rules of the physical or online casino you’re playing at before the main blackjack game is played.

How to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs for Beginners

How to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs
How to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs for beginners
  • Along with their main game bet, the player places a Perfect Pairs side wager.
  • Each player and dealer receives two cards.
  • There is a winner in the Perfect Pairs side bet.
  • Blackjack is played till the end of the main game.

Once the Perfect Pairs side bet portion of Blackjack Perfect Pairs on W88 online bookie is resolved, the main blackjack game proceeds as defined by the casino where you are playing.

Players would be wise to spend some time getting acquainted with these before starting to play since they can vary from operator to operator.

What are the actual chances of finding the perfect pair?

In a game with eight decks of cards, for instance, seven of the 415 cards in the dealer’s shoe can help a player make a perfect pair.

This translates to a slightly higher than one-in-59 chance of getting the right card. It is obvious why this is more of a fun bet than the kind of side bet that is frequently enjoyed by more serious, probability-minded players when compared to the 30/1 reward that is being offered.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Strategy from W88 Experts

It’s critical to comprehend the number of cards available when playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack on W88 online bookie.

Two decks of cards may be used in a typical Perfect Pairs game played online.Your chances of landing two identical cards (a “perfect pair”) are therefore greater than the casino’s promised 30/1 payout. Even with 6–8 decks in a shoe, the chances of getting two identical cards are in the thousands.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Strategy
Blackjack Perfect Pairs Strategy

The side bets in Perfect Pairs offer the game a new depth. Consider sticking with the Mixed Pair bet if you’re just going to stake a small amount. This increases the number of cards in the shoe you have to hit.

Regardless of the stakes you choose to play at, using the best blackjack strategy is crucial when playing Perfect Pairs.  Understanding when to “hit” and “stand” is crucial.

For instance, splitting high pairs in online blackjack is frequently a smart wager. But if you have a side bet on how your hand will turn out, this isn’t always possible.


The above are simple explanations and strategies so that W88 online bookie players can understand Blackjack Perfect Pairs and join this game from today for more opportunities to generate profits from betting.

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