6 Reel Slots – Explain the genre at the casino

6 Reel Slots

6 Reel slots is one of the attractive entertainment game genres with real money bonuses, so it attracts more players to participate on W88 online bookie. But to be able to participate effectively, it requires players to understand this genre and reputable 6-reel slot game providers. If you are a newbie and are still quite surprised, you can refer to the following betting tips article of W88.

Overall of 6 Reel slot on W88

The slot machine will have 6 reels corresponding to 6 columns with special spinning symbols. But in this game, some special features will be added to add to its appeal when players participate in the slot on W88.

With a 6-reel slot, there are more paylines, so players can easily create winning combinations as well. The volatility rate of this 6-reel slot game is not too high, so it is easy for players to win when spinning slots on W88 Slots.

In terms of RTP, depending on the provider, the RTP rate will be different, usually above 96% to help players have more capital to participate in the slot.

Reputable 6-reel slot providers are now cooperating with W88

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play was honored as the top 1 not only at W88 online bookie but always the first choice of players around the world. Not only achieving the title of a reputable online slot provider, but the motto and fastest growing in the market for games on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) is also the strong point of this provider. .

All products developed from this publisher are developed by a team of experienced professionals. With over 150 sophisticated slot games for online devices now available on W88. This is the motto for every innovation contributed in the technological era in the field of online games.

Some outstanding games of Pragmatic Play on W88

  • Dragon Ball
  • Three Star Fortune
  • Wild Gladiators
  • Diamond Strike
  • Ancient Egypt

Asia Gaming

The products of the supplier AG are mostly online casino games and slots games. In addition, in 2020, Asia Gaming also cooperates with a number of other game providers such as Skywind or Playtech to expand its online casino.

The geographical advantage helps AG understand its customers better, so that the products launched always meet the needs and tastes of players.

AG not only provides slot players with top-notch gaming experiences, but also provides large-scale, stable gaming platforms. W88 bookie chooses as a place to provide software as an optimal, comprehensive and low-cost solution.


Video slots publisher Habanero founded in 2010 is the provider of all the services of the online sports betting industry. Habanero has grown at an impressive rate thanks to acquisitions and mergers by a group of investors in 2012.

Their games are available in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Greek, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese , Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.


CQ9 is one of Asia’s leading slot game providers for online casino bookmakers. In just 3 years, the company has built a lot of reputation in the online casino market. CQ9 always offers the highest quality game slots according to international standards at more than 1500 online casino bookies.

Slots game publisher CQ9 is based in Taiwan and established in 2016. Along with the title of one of the major and famous game providers in the world, CQ9 also has a remarkable growth rate in the Asian market.

With many special in-game features along with high payouts, if you are one of the regular CQ9 players you will find them designing games that mostly pay out through the free spins feature.


After this article, you probably already know about the 6 reel slot game and the reputable 6-reel slot game publishers who are accompanying W88 online slot. Hopefully after this article, gamers can choose for themselves one or more reputable paying slot game providers to play and receive rewards.

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