4-Bet Poker: Explaining How to Use This Strategy

4-Bet Poker

How to use 4-Bet Poker tricks to win more is an interesting topic, isn’t it? If you win big, who doesn’t want to. On the contrary, when you see your opponent using this technique, don’t be afraid to give up. 4-bet is a Poker term often encountered to optimize your bets when you have a good hand. Let’s learn about 4-bet strategies while playing Poker on W88 live casino at Asian.

What is 4-Bet in Poker?

Basically, Big Blind is the 1st bet, the next person to open Raise is the 2nd Bet (2-bet). And if someone raises again, it’s called 3-Bet Poker or reraise. And 4-Bet Poker is also formed from there, this is a strategy to increase the pot bet so that in the end you are the winner with the highest possible number of chips.

It can be understood that 4-Bet Poker is the 4th reraise when you have a good hand. But if the opportunity gives you 4-bet to win more, why not do it. Just like 3bet, with AA and KK cards, you should 4-bet to get more value. The probability for KK to meet AA is about 2%, so don’t think twice when holding KK but go All-in. You will always win and not only win small but also win big with this way of playing.

Strategies to handle when the opponent use 4-Bet Poker

If holding AA or KK, just push All-in without thinking much. This is the simplest and most effective way. In case the opponent plays in a tight style, and you have more than 50 Big Blinds, you should Fold if holding QQ or AK.

If your opponent tends to call open-raise and call bets with weak hands until showdown, then you should focus on betting because value should still apply the c-bet method often, but pay attention to stop at the right time on the turn and river if you don’t have relatively strong hands.

In addition, we should also avoid stealing with weak hands. Because you will go to showdown quite often when facing this type of opponent.

Value bets are slightly smaller when holding relatively weak hands. When the opponent calls and goes to showdown with the second pair or weaker, now as long as you have the top pair, no matter what the kicker is, you should bet three streets with a slightly smaller size than usual.

If your opponent tends to call your open-raise to play you back postflop, you are always ready to re-bluff. For example, you open on BTN and your opponent calls on BB. T44 rainbow flop. He checks, you bet ½ pot, and he checks/raise small. Sometimes you should reraise with air, sometimes you should call with the intention of bluffing on the turn or river. Or you can fold sometimes, but in any situation it’s important to re-bluff against an opponent like this.

Strategies to level up your skills in playing 4-bet poker

Use a poker strategy for beginners that alternates between small 4-bet and call 3-bet. 4-bet with a strong hand and, sometimes, a weak hand. A hand like Ax (e.g. A3o) is a good weak hand for 4-bet because it has pretty good equity against a narrow range, around 30%.

But Ax is not good for you to call 3-bet and plan to push when there is a draw or pair on the flop because Ax is really hard to hit the draw flop.

When facing an opponent who knows how to hit, go small 4-bet with a hand that you can all-in at least 2/3 of the time. If you 4bet and fold when your opponent shoves more than 1/3 of the time, you are losing money. Remember that if your opponent knows how to hit, he will almost certainly 5-bet every time you 4-bet.

You don’t have to have a strong hand to 4-bet/call shove, but make sure your hand has some showdown equity. When small 4-bet, make sure that at least 2/3 of the time you have an all-in hand or call all-in.


Grasping 4-bet strategies while playing poker online for money on W88 bookie will make it easier for you to win and have an advantage in this game, but apply 4-Bet Poker the right timing and need to specifically evaluate your hand and your opponents to be able to make the most accurate decisions.