3-Bet Poker: Easy-to-understand 3-Bet Types Explained

3-Bet Poker

Poker is one of the most attractive, interesting and popular games when W88 login bookie. To increase your chances of winning when playing poker games, you need to understand the commonly used terms. The following article we will provide full information about what is 3-Bet Poker and how to use it effectively.

What is 3-Bet in Poker? The Meaning of 3-Bet in the Poker Table

The origin of 3-bet comes from limit poker games, specifically as follows:

  • The term “3-bet” is understood as the re-raise of the first raise preflop.
  • Poker player’s first raise equals 2 bets (2-bet). The second Poker player to re-raise is 3-be).
  • By the same calculation, Big-blind in Texas No Limit poker is the first bet (and minimum bet), the first raise is called a 2-bet, and the re-raise of the first raise is 3-bet.

The next re-raise is called 4-bet, and so on. Thus, if someone says that he bets 5-bet all-in, then everyone understands that this is the all-in bet placed on the last re-raise.

Why do so many people use 3-Bet in Poker?

You can see that the 3-bet player is likely holding a very strong hand. You’ll often guess that they’re holding a QQ+ or AK so they can raise like that. You might wonder why it’s called a 3-bet when there are only 2 raises here. Simply closing the blind (closed BB) itself is considered a bet, so the raise to $8 is actually the second raise, and the raise to $26 is the third raise, aka 3- bet.

3-Bet Poker Ranges

Poker players will raise before the flop with a fairly wide range of hands. If a player raises to the bottom before the flop, they can have any hand. This is how regular TAGs players play.

Calling these raises with a strong hand (or with a buy hand like the 78s) puts us at a disadvantage because the opponent has the initiative in hand. When we split the flop, if we don’t hit the top pair or more, we are almost only left with a fold. Even so we won’t feel comfortable with our hands.

How to use 3 Bet ranges Poker effectively?

Ideal situation to use 3Bet

It is often said that “the third raise is definitely a pair of Aces”, however that is not always true, although often many players cannot go further with a weaker hand.

On the other hand, with limited betting accounts, 3-bets are not uncommon, and this move is seen as a sign of having a strong hand. Warming up the bets pre-flop when there is a strong hand (like Ace, K, Q, Ace-K) is necessary. It also means that with similar cards it is possible to encourage the use of 3-bet.

Everyone knows that the frequency of premium hands (AQs and above) is quite low, so if we wait for a really good hand to enter, people will consider us as Nit. Use 3Bet only with great cards (QQ+, AK) and suitable connector cards (56 – 9T).

Hands that should not follow 3Bet

The types of hands you don’t want to 3-bet light are low-end broadways like KQ, KJ, QJ, and weak aces like AJ (and other junk aces). The problem with 3-bets with these types of cards is that when called you will often be dominated by the opponent (like AQ+, JJ+).

However, if you hold a weakly suited connector like 78s, you will have 2 cards that are “light” when hit without being dominated. It also makes it easier to flop and less likely to be trailed by average hands such as top pair with weak kicker.

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Make sure not to abuse 3-Bet in Poker and you should be fine. 3-bet and 3-bet light are highly profitable in the correct situations how to play Poker online for real money on the reputable W88 online bookie, but it can also be costly for us if we are not careful. Take full advantage of the range in 3-Bet poker for the best results.