Win to Nil betting explained – An attractive bet on bookie

Win to Nil betting

Win to Nil betting will bring interesting things that few players know about. So have you mastered the Win to Nil tips to win? Check out our betting tips right here.

What is the Win to Nil bet on W88?

Win to Nil is a type of bet in which bettors place bets on the team they believe will win and not be scored by the away team during the official match.

Let’s simply understand that you will make bets on the ability of a team to score goals. The home or away team that you think they will win is N – 0 against the other team.

However, the probability of winning the overwhelming odds is quite low. Because the matches have a difference between the two teams, the odds on W88 offered are often quite high.

This is also the main reason why this type of bet is attractive to players if they want to try their luck. The odds offered by the bookie depend on factors related to the two teams participating in the match.

How to Calculate your Winnings on Win to Nil betting

Return = Bet amount x odds

Win to Nil bets are denoted as follows:

  • Home Team: Bet on the home team to win and not be scored by the other team.
  • Away team: Bet on the away team to win and not be scored by the other team.

Example: MU and Liverpool play against each other and you choose to bet $ 100 for MU, the house gives MU odds of 2.50.

If MU wins, the money will be calculated as follows:

  • If you bet MU wins, you will receive an amount of 100 x 2.50 = $250.
  • If you choose to bet Liverpool win, you lose $100 of your bet.

No matter which team you bet on, if both teams score then you lose $100 of your bet.

Pros and cons of Win to Nil betting


The most attractive feature of this type of bet is that it is very stimulating. The psychology of many players is that the more difficult it is, the more aggressive it is, and the more it is stimulated to conquer. And the important thing is that the bonus rate of Win to Nil is very high.


Usually in matches there is a reciprocity, meaning that when one team scores, the other team is also determined to score into the opponent’s goal. Therefore, the probability of winning this bet is not high.

Choosing To Win to Nil means that the probability of winning is low and the risk of losing all your bets is very high.

Experience betting on Win to Nil

Win to Nill tips
Win to Nill betting tips

Observe the progress of the match

In many cases, predicting the overwhelming winner is not easy. In football, there are many surprises, so you should watch live matches to choose the right running bets.

Besides, you should observe the gameplay. For defensive play, the number of goals is low and the ability to win is quite large. For matches where both teams choose to attack, the number of goals is high and it is best not to bet on To Win to Nil.

The starting line-up, and the goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is the direct defender of the goal, so the performance needs the most attention. In addition, we also need to learn about the members who will be on the official field, especially the attack, to predict the gameplay and the ability to win.

The level of both teams

It is often said that “form is temporary, class is forever” is not wrong at all. There are many factors that make a team level and the process is not 1 day 2. Therefore, we should rely on the performance and level of each party to consider, which is also a way to learn.

In addition, you should also read about the playing history of the two teams to see how many goals each team will usually score in a match. Do not ignore this factor because statistically they are more than 70% accurate and can bring a lot of success.

For example, teams like Chelsea or Atletico Madrid with scores like 1 – 0 or 2 – 0 are quite common.


All the most detailed information about what is Win to Nil bet has been shared with you. WW88Club believes that these instructions are easy to understand and will definitely give players the most effective football betting experience.

Best of luck to you and see you next time.