What is Arbitrage betting? How to calculate Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting strategy (or Arb for short) is a term you may have heard in the online betting field a lot. So what is arbitrage betting? What benefits does it bring to you? And how to calculate arbitrage betting? The following article from of the expert www.w88 sports will explain it to you.

What is Arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage betting technique, also known as sure bet, is a betting technique where you will take advantage of the small differences between the bookmakers on the same match to place a bet. And this technique helps the player to always get a small guaranteed profit due to this difference.

Accordingly, you will bet on the outcome of a possible match at different bookmakers, in each bookmaker will bet on an outcome of the same match to ensure a profit for you.

For example, the match between Liverpool and Man City can have a win, draw or lose result. You will bet the following:

  • Bet on Liverpool to win at bookie A.
  • Bet on Man City to win at the bookie.
  • The bet on the score is a tie on bookie C.

When should you use Arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage occurs when bookmakers have different views on the outcome of a particular match. As a result, the odds for that match at these sportsbooks will vary.

As such, if you find a difference in the odds at different bookmakers during the same match, you can place an arb bet to be guaranteed a post-profit regardless of the outcome.

How to calculate money for each bet of Arbitrage betting on W88 online bookie?

Assuming you bet on Red Rum winning $100 at a sportsbook A and B, you need to calculate the exact amount to bet on each side.

Arbitrage betting

The calculation formula is as follows:

Bet = (Back odds x back bet amount) / (Lay odds – commission)

So the bet for Red Rum at the betting exchange will be:

(3.25 x $100) / (2.88 – 2%) = $113.64.

So, to guarantee a profitable arbitrage bet, your total bet must be $213.64.

If the back bet wins, your real profit will be:

Profit = (back odds – 1) x back bet – (lay odds -1) x lay bet

Example: Profit = (3.25 – 1) x 100 – (2.88 – 1) x 113.64 = $11.36.

If the bet loses (lay bet) at the winning betting exchange, your profit will be calculated according to the following formula:

Profit = (Lay bet x (1 – commission)) – Back bet

Example: Profit from Lay Bet = (113.64 x (1 – 2%) – 100 = $11.36

As such, you can always make $11.36 profit even if Red Rum wins the race. This proves that as long as you calculate well, you will be able to choose to play this type of bet often.

Although the profit earned from arbitrage bet at each bet is relatively small, you will make more if you play several times a day or place a large amount.

How to calculate bets for Arbitrage betting at each bookie

What is needed now is that you need to calculate the bet amount for each bookmaker to ensure the same profit regardless of the final outcome.

Let’s say you want to spend $200 betting on both outcomes at two bookmakers, the bet amount at each W88 bookie will be calculated according to the following formula:

Bet at each bookie = (Total bet x Probability of winning or losing) / total probability of winning or losing

Bet at bookie A = (200 x 27%) / 98.43% = $54.86

Banker B’s stake = (200 x 71.43%) / 98.43% = $145.14

The profit you get when A wins at bookie B:

(Bet at bookie B x Odds of A winning at bookie B) – Bet at bookie B

= ($145.14 x 1.4) – $145.14 = + $58,056.

The profit you get when B wins at bookie A:

(Banker A bets x Odds B wins at bookie A) – Bet at bookie A

= ($54.86 x 3.7) – $54.86 = + $148.12.

So whether A or B wins, you win.

The risks of Arbitrage Betting

First, the bettor’s account will be limited at that bookie, such as a maximum bet limit or even no bet. Worse yet, you could be blacklisted by the W88 bookie, and you will never be able to join that bookmaker again.

To avoid being discovered and revealing that you are an arb bettor, you can apply some of the following tips:

  • Bet your back on the betting exchange.
  • Limit large amount bets.
  • Using multiple betting accounts.
  • Deliberately allowing yourself to lose money through arb betting.


Hopefully this article from a W88 expert will help you understand what is arbitrage betting and how arbitrage betting works. Apply and get a big profit from today.

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