Table Tennis Betting Guide: A few strategies to know for players

Table Tennis Betting Guide
Table Tennis Betting Guide for beginners

Table tennis is a sport that is no stranger to each of us and is one of the most popular sports in the betting world today. The following is the most detailed guide on how to play table tennis betting at the W88 house as well as the experience when betting on table tennis.

What is table tennis betting on W88?

Like other betting games, players will place their money on the house’s bet. Some popular bets at the bookie are handicap bets, bets to predict whether the number of games will be even or odd, etc.

Similarly, when betting on table tennis, you will also rely on your own analysis and judgment, then use an amount that you want to bet and bet on the odds.

Normally, the W88 house usually has about 6 bets for table tennis. Players can freely choose the form and place bets easily through the website or application of the W88 bookie.

Types of W88 Table Tennis Betting

Handicap Betting Games

This type of bet is also known as the handicap and is calculated based on the final score of the match. Before the match, the bookie will give the odds as well as the handicap for players to bet.

Usually, the house’s handicap will be 1.5 or 2.5 depending on the pre-match analysis of the two teams.

Total match points – O/U

This is also known as the Over/Under betting explained. This form allows players to bet according to the total number of points of the games in the whole match.

A specific number is set by the W88 dealer and players can bet Over if they think the final total of the games will be higher than the set number and vice versa.
Odd/Even Betting
With this form, players only need to predict whether the winning number is even or odd. And this type of bet usually has low odds due to its simplicity as well as the high win rate.

Only some big bookies like W88 organize this type of betting.

Match Correct Score Betting

It can be said that this is the form of bets with the highest odds compared to other forms of table tennis betting at the W88 house. With this type of bet, players will have to accurately predict the score or score of specific games.

And this is not easy for players to guess correctly. This has made many players extremely fond of this form of betting due to their attractiveness.

Strategies W88 bettors need to know when betting on table tennis

Find out information about the tournaments you want to bet on

At major tournaments such as the Olympic Games or the World Championships, the Continental Championships, etc., there will be a much more tense atmosphere due to the high competition. These tournaments often gather players with extremely good ability and high desire to win, leading to more intense competition.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy
Table Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

At these tournaments, bettors need to consider carefully before the match to be able to choose the team with a higher probability of winning. And regular players choose winner bets and handicap bets.

Choose high odds

Currently, players often tend to choose bookies with high odds for matches but forget to consider the factors related to them. Because, high profit always comes with risk.

Therefore, players should choose moderate odds and most importantly check the reputation of the house they bet on, typically the reputable W88 house.

Player’s style of play

In every sport, a style of play is of great importance but in table tennis its role is even more important. For example, there are players who cannot compete against left-handed opponents.

There have been many cases in the world where there were athletes who could beat almost any opponent in tournaments until they encountered a left-handed opponent and they were unable to win.

Checking the history of the matches to see the information related to the ability to attack, defend is extremely necessary and should not be ignored before placing a bet.


Hopefully the information that W88’s table tennis betting expert shared in the above article has helped you better understand what table tennis betting is.

Besides, our table tennis betting strategy suggestions will make it easier for you to choose a bookie. Wish you have great entertainment moments.

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