Sea of Riches Slot Review: How to Play and Bonuses

Sea of Riches slot

In the slot games available on the market today, Sea of Riches is the name that is getting a lot of love. The game offers a vast ocean scene, along with an expedition to find treasure. Besides, when participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to receive high rewards with 96.2% return rate. Let’s explore the interesting game with the article from W88 experts.

About Slots Game SEA OF RICHES

Released at the end of 2020, Sea of Riches slot quickly won the hearts of many players because of its interesting game content. When entering the game you will become an adventure pirate across 7 oceans to hunt for treasure.

In different oceans, rewards and treasures will have different values. The more you play later, the bigger the bonus that the player receives.

The game is produced by the publisher Isoftbet, which is one of the leading slot game publishers today, and is also cooperating in publishing games for the prestigious online W88 bookie.

Many outstanding advantages are added to the game that you can easily see such as beautiful graphics, appropriate sound. Besides, Sea of Riches also owns a number of paylines up to 1084. This facilitates players to receive extremely large wins.

How to play Sea of Riches Slot

In terms of game design, Sea of Riches has 6 rows and 6 columns, this number is relatively much compared to other traditional slots. However, the design of the grid still ensures the basics of the slot machines.

How to play and win is not too complicated. The symbols that link together horizontally, vertically, diagonally or as a rule create a win.

How to play Sea of Riches Slot

To start a game, you need to determine the stake for 1 spin. Then proceed to select the spin symbol to start the spin. When the spin is over, the system will calculate the winning links and pay you.

The amount of the bonus is more or less depending on the bet you initially selected. In addition, if you receive a bonus during the spin, you will have an additional bonus.

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Symbols in the game

All slot games have their own symbols and Sea of Riches is no exception. The main symbols in the game are as follows:

Sea of Riches Slot

Symbols letters and images

These are the most basic symbols in the game, it has no special function to assist the player. But the win or lose of the wheel depends on their alignment.

The letter symbol consists of the familiar characters 10-J-Q-K-A. Image symbols include yellow – blue – purple diamonds, gold – bronze – green coins. The picture symbols when paid out will have a higher value than the letter symbols.

Wild symbol

Wild is a substitute symbol. This is the most useful type of icon in the game. Wild Seas with its special ability can substitute any base symbol for a win. Example: If you don’t have enough winning symbols, the Wild will replace the missing symbols and bring a lot of wins.

Scatter symbol

Scatter in Sea of Riches has the effect of getting rows and columns without a free shuffle win. The chances of getting a win from the shuffles are very high.

When you have 3 or more scatter symbols, you will get free spins. The free spins do not count your stake, but if you win you still get extra money. And the bounty is still given.

Multiplier symbol

When playing the game you will have the opportunity to receive bonus symbols. These symbols bring a certain multiplier like x2-x3. The total bonus in the spin will be multiplied by the multiplier you get.

Outstanding features in Sea of Riches Slot

In the game there are also some special features that help players get more rewards and reduce complicated operations. As follows:

Map Accumulation feature

Map accumulation is a function that brings the biggest bonuses to players. During the spin the player has a chance to get 1 glass bottle symbol. Inside will contain 1 piece of map. When accumulating 25 pieces, the player will receive 1 bonus level.


The player chooses the bet level for 1 spin, and chooses the number of spins he wants to make, then chooses the spin. At this point, the system will automatically spin all the rounds for you. When there is a win, it will automatically be added to the betting account.


In conclusion, Sea of Riches Slot review is a game with a high payout ratio. Not only that, it also owns many attractive bonus accumulation features. If you want to immediately experience this Sea of Riches slot or other slot titles, visit the online W88 gambling to experience it.