Plinko game online – How to win in Plinko for beginners

Plinko online

If you are a lover of online casino games, you must have heard of Plinko – A game of choice for many people. This game gradually became popular thanks to its simple gameplay and high probability of winning. Learn how to play Plinko online game on W88 bookie to win in the article below.

Overview of Plinko game

Plinko was launched in 1983 in the US and quickly became a favorite of many players. The game is based on the popular TV show “Choose the right price”. Plinko game online is an online game that combines arcade and betting.

The gameplay is also very simple, you will drop the ball into a board with many obstacle pins, the ball will follow the zigzag direction until it lands in one of the prize boxes below.

The prize value will be different and you have to calculate so that the ball lands on the box with the highest value. If the ball lands on any box, you will receive the prize value of that box.

How to play Plinko online in casino for beginners?

This Plinko game is relatively simple, you just need to choose the bet amount to be able to start. After pressing the drop button, the ball will fall out of the hole and run continuously on the chessboard until it lands in a prize box. You will receive a reward of the same value as the box the ball fell into.

This game requires you to calculate the moves to be able to drop the ball in the right position to win as much money as possible.

How to win in Plinko
How to win in Plinko for beginners

At W88 online bookie, Plinko game is designed from leading software providers, so it can ensure fairness and transparency. The game is designed with high-quality graphics and sound effects that make W88 bookie players feel the excitement and increase the realism like you actually experience the game in real life.

The Plinko game allows you to adjust the level of risk, which is divided into Low, Normal and High. You can control this by choosing the number of rows of the pyramid.

Strategies for success in Plinko game online

When starting to play, you need to take control of your account and play with the lowest amount until the variance is in your favor. Or you can play for free with a demo account before investing with real money in the game.

In addition, you also need to control the level of risk and volatility of the payouts. With higher payouts and larger losses, risk control is crucial in managing a W88 betting account. Game play time is very fast. Therefore, if unlucky, players can lose a lot in an instant.

The player can choose from 8 to 16 rows for the pin pyramid, which will fundamentally change the mechanics of the game. The more rows there are, the more pegs there are and can change the trajectory of the ball and change the payouts of the game. The more rows you have, the harder it will be for you to win, but you will also get a higher payout.

In addition, you can also guess the price of different items to earn chips. The more Plinko chips you have, the more prizes and coins you can win.

You’ll be shown the items and asked to decide if you think the item’s price starts with 1 specific digit or ends with another specific digit. Use your best judgment, as you will earn 1 chip for every digit you guess correctly.


Plinko is a simple, popular and fun game for those of you who love the W88 bookie online casino game genre. With its big win potential and easy gameplay, it’s no wonder that Plinko game online has become an attractive game and attracts many players.

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