How to play Dragon Tiger Casino – New card game for players

Dragon Tiger card game

Live Dragon Tiger is one of the most interesting betting games that attracts thousands of players from all around the corners. Learning how to bet on Dragon Tiger in the article below to start earning more money from now on. We insure that you can make more money when play with us on Live Dragon Tiger Casino.

What is the Dragon Tiger game on W88?

Dragon Tiger is an online card game originating from Cambodia that helps players win real money. In this game, players observe and decide to place money on the doors: Dragon, Tiger, Tie.

Dragon Tiger uses from 6 to 8 decks of 52 cards (except the Joker), dealing one card to the Dragon and Tiger side. The side with the higher score card wins, with the same number of points, it draws.

In general, the Dragon Tiger card game has a pretty simple way of playing, you don’t need to think and calculate much. But to win requires agility and flexibility to make the correct choices to bring about great prizes.

How to play Dragon Tiger on W88 Live Casino

Betting Rounds

Each betting round is played with 6-8 decks of cards depending on the dealer. At the start, you will proceed to place a bet. In the game Dragon Tiger, there are a number of bets as follows:

How to play Dragon Tiger
How to play Dragon Tiger W88 to win
  • Tiger/Dragon bet: Bet “Dragon” or “Tiger”, whichever side has the highest score is considered the winner.
  • Tie: When bets on “Dragon” & “Tiger” have the same number of points (regardless of suit).
  • Even/Odd: When betting on the “Dragon” or “Tiger” door, the score is “Even” or “Odd”.

– Bets on Dragon as Even/Odd will be considered as losing when the Dragon card is 7 points (regardless of suit)

– Bets on Tiger being Even/Odd will be considered as losing when the Tiger card is 7 points (regardless of suit).

After the player has finished placing the bet, the Dealer will deal 2 cards to 2 doors, Dragon and Tiger. Then compare the scores to see which side wins. If you win the bet, you will receive a bonus according to the odds offered by the house.

How to calculate the score of the cards

– Cards from 2 to 10 will be counted with the corresponding number of points. For example, card number 2 is worth 2 points, card number 5 is worth 5 points.

– Ace is the card with the lowest score is counted as 1 point

– J, Q are counted 11 points, 12 points.

– K is the card with the highest number of points, which is counted as 13 points.

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Experience on betting on Dragon Tiger game casino

Some experiences when playing Dragon Tiger casino are synthesized and accumulated by W88 experts to help players increase the ability to bet more effectively with higher rewards, please refer to:

Limit bets on a tie

For the game Dragon Tiger, the result of a draw is 32.7%. Therefore, an important strategy players should consider is not to place a tie. Because if you lose, you will lose 50% of your bet, and if you win, the amount of bonus won is very small compared to your lost bet.

In the game Dragon Tiger casino online, the Tie is the highest paying with the ratio 1:8. Many new players often look at this payout ratio to bet and as a result lose in a row, the money is completely empty within the first few games.

Do not use Parlays betting strategy

Parlays is a very effective strategy in games like Baccarat, or there is an Under/Over door, but it is not suitable for Dragon Tiger Online. The reason given by the players on W88 online is that the Dragon Tiger game has a Draw, if you place a Dragon or Tiger but the result is a Draw, you lose half of your money.

The secret to observing in Dragon Tiger Online

Players want to win this game based on luck and partly on the acumen in observing the table. The secret to observing Dragon Tiger Online is not too special, but you also need to know the following requirements:

  • Note the history of the results of the games: This is the basis for you to find the rules of the table. After finding out, you just need to place a bet and take the bonus back to your pocket.
  • Do not rush: You have just observed 1 or 2 games and have quickly bet, which not only makes you not win but also lose.


How to play Dragon Tiger Online has been shared very specifically in the above article. W88 experts are not afraid to share for everyone to make money from the house, so you just need to apply it to each of your casino games to win.