Baseball betting guide – How to bet on Baseball need to know

Baseball betting
Baseball betting guide

Baseball is a sport with long roots and is very popular in many countries around the world such as the US, Canada or Japan. In order to help you better understand this sport, today we would like to share with you some basic knowledge and guidelines of baseball betting.

What is baseball betting?

Baseball betting is a form of betting according to the odds that the bookie offers for baseball. Each match will have 2 participating teams and each team will have 9 official players on the field, 1 substitute. The match will be played over 9 rounds. If after the end of 9 innings the team that scores more points will win.

Baseball is a sport that requires sophistication from pitching to defending. So you will not get bored playing this game every day. So betting also becomes more interesting.

How to bet on baseball at W88?

Step 1: Players should register W88 from the detailed instructions we share carefully for you to read.

Step 2: Next, add money to your account. This allows players to participate in betting games.

Step 3: Based on the baseball betting odds being offered by the bookie. Please analyze and choose which baseball odds are best for you to bet on. With how to bet baseball at the W88 bookie, you will have a very high chance of winning.

Types of bets in baseball betting

1st Half Bets

This is a type of odds that takes the results of the matches from 1 to 5. So if the 6th inning is abandoned then the results of this bet will still count. However, if the first half is abandoned, all subsequent rounds will also be canceled.

Bet 1 x 2 1st half

This type of bet is also based on the results of the first 5 innings. Players will analyze and choose the deal. If the final result of 5 rounds is a draw, the player will be refunded the full amount.

Bet on Under

This type of bet is similar to the Over/Under bet in football. Players will proceed to bet on the total number of points that the 2 teams will win at the end of the match. If you predict that the score will be higher than the dealer’s result, choose Over and vice versa. If the two teams have the same points, the dealer will return the entire amount that the player bet.

Baseball terms to remember

Strike out: The batter swings the bat but doesn’t hit the ball or hits it but the ball goes out of bounds. Each time is 1 strike. After 3 strikes, you will be disqualified.

Fly out: The batter hits the ball, but the ball is caught by the defending team’s player, before it touches the ground. In this case, the batter is disqualified.

Ground out: Batter hits the ball and starts running back to goal, the ball hits the ground but the defending team player catches the ball and throws it back to goal before the batter can get there. Batter is eliminated.

Tag out: The batter hits the ball and runs back to goal, but is touched by a player of the defending team holding the ball.

Double play: Eliminate two people at the same time

Triple play: Eliminate 3 people at the same time

Foul: The batter hits the ball out of bounds (the foul lines on both sides of the field)

Ball: The pitcher throws an error, the ball is out of the strike zone and the batter doesn’t hit. 4 times the ball is counted as 1 walk (4 balls = 1 walk)

Dead ball: The pitcher throws the ball at the batter. Batter is walking.

Walk: The batter is allowed to walk up to take 1st base after 4 fouls by the pitcher or being hit by the ball.

Bunt: Bounce the ball; batter holds the bat horizontally in front of the catcher’s catch position to catch the ball.

Squeeze: Buns when there is a Runner in Base 3

Safe: The safe attacking team takes the goal.

General betting rules for baseball at W88

International baseball rules

If the 7th round ends with 1 team leading by 10 points or the 5th round ends with 1 team leading 15 points, the match will end sooner than expected. For this event, all bets will be considered valid.

In case the schedule changes

If the baseball game takes place earlier than scheduled, then all bets received before the start of the game will be considered valid, bets placed after the start of the game will be considered void.

Match result

If the MLB baseball tournament does not play all 5 innings, bets will not be counted. If playing more than 5 matches, it will be based on the [win-lose] decision of the federation as the standard. If the result is [Tie] then it is not counted.

Japan Professional Award

For the Japanese professional baseball league, if after the end of 12 innings the score of the 2 teams is tied, then all bets (except 1X2 bets) will be considered valid.


Hopefully, the W88 bookie’s baseball betting guide has helped you feel more confident when participating in betting on this subject at our house. We also have a lot of articles about baseball betting skills on top betting product W88 homepage. Read on to gain more baseball betting experience.