What is the iron cross craps system? Understand how it works

What is the iron cross craps system

Learning how to play the Iron Cross Craps system won’t take long, but it will give you an easy win and can be applied in the long run. Once you have mastered the basic gameplay, using the advanced Iron Cross Craps system will help players win bigger bets. The following article of the WW88 online bookie will explain the Iron Cross Craps strategy and how it works.

What is the Iron Cross Craps system?

Like all gamblers, craps players are always looking for a new yet effective playing system. Iron Cross is not a progressive system like the colonel craps system, but it does take advantage of field bets, which include the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Iron Cross is also known by W88 players as the No Seven system because the player uses all possible numbers on the table except the number 7. Most players bet on the pass and hence the root for seven on the reels. out, or roll first with a new game turn.

Instead of going against the entire table, Iron Cross players usually wait until a pass-line is established and then place a bet and also place 5, 6 and 8, but will not bet on 7.

To start using the Iron Cross strategy, you should start with a small bet; like $10 craps to understand how it works, and gradually increase your stake.

How does the Iron Cross system work

If you already know how to play craps on W88 then you know how to bet on specific numbers, and you know if bets on 5 will be $10 and bets on 6 and 8 will be $12 each. You will get your four bets down before the next dice roll.

How does the Iron Cross system work

Tell your inside dealer you want 5, 6 and 8 for a total of $34, then place a $10 bet on the field. This way you have covered every number, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 except 7. You will win on every reel now except 7, this will cost you your entire $44 bet.

There are a total of 36 ways that the dice can total on the craps table.

Seven is the easiest number to make and can be rolled in six ways (1-6, 6-1, 5-2, 2-5, 4-2, 2-4). There are 30 ways another number can roll, so the odds you’ll see a total win on the next reel are between 30 and 6 or 30 out of 36.

However, you also get an extra bonus when the dice total is 2 or 12, as most craps games pay doubles on 2 and three on 12 on any field bet.

However, no matter how many times you will win, the house retains the advantage. You can expect an advantage of 2.48 percent if the casino pays double on 2 and triple on 12 (or vice versa) on field bets.

When you have $44 in action and some reel fields you will be very happy, because you will get a full refund on the field and your bet will stay and claim no attention more and more. Your $10 bet in the field will win $10 on 3, 4, 9, 10, 11. On 2 reels you will win $20 and on 12 reels you will win $30. Get your bonus and leave it. Your initial bet is $10.

If one of your place numbers rolls (5, 6, 8), you will win $14. However, you will lose your $10 in this area, so lose $10 and change. position the field bet and keep the other $4. On an average hand this will happen many times and 7 will roll, wiping out your position and field bets and you will need to start over after the roll comes out setting a new point.

When a top line winner rolls (players shoot their points) your bet will be marked “off” and you will want to keep-off on your field bet until a new point is established. Then your bet will be marked “on” again and you can go back to your field bet. If a reel is 7-out, you will need to start on all of your positions and place bets after a new number is set.


Above are the sharing of the standard iron cross craps system that you can apply today when playing craps on W88 online bookie. To be able to apply this strategy better you should join the bet, and then learn more about the advanced strategy.

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