Monopoly Slingo Slot: Review, RTP & Gameplay

Monopoly Slingo Slot

Monopoly Slingo Slot is an extremely fun combination of three games: Slots, Bingo and of course the legendary board game Monopoly. This Slingo features a classic 5×5 grid, is a very engaging game and is the wonderful result of the collaboration between SG Digital and Hasbro Inc. Learn more about how to play with Monopoly Slingo Slot symbols and payouts on W88.

Overview of Monopoly Slingo Slot and how to play at W88

We will see the famous Monopoly city represented on the board game with all the stops we should all remember about it: stations, boulevards and roads. On the left side of the table we see the prize scale. Like other Slingo Originals, you have to climb up to reach the Full House..

To climb the ladder, you must mark all the rows on the board. This means you have to mark 5 horizontal, vertical or diagonal numbers of the same row by matching the numbers with numbers that randomly appear on your reels. When the special symbols appear on the reels, you can decide which numbers to mark on the grid.

The layout of the game is exactly what you would imagine from a Monopoly board. All tokens, properties, colors and squares are identical to the original board game. To start the Monopoly Slingo slot game at W88 online, you will need to select your bet amount. Each round lasts 7 or 8 spins, but there’s a chance to win free spins or buy more if you’re close to a win.

How to play Monopoly Slingo Slot

For each new spin you make, a new set of numbers will appear on the reel row. If these numbers match any of the numbers on the card/grid then this attribute will be highlighted giving you a chance to win a Slingo.

The bet amount on Monopoly Slingo starts at just 0.20 per spin. You can increase this up to 25 if you have a higher budget.

This game does not have an autoplay feature, but you can choose to place bets in Monopoly Slingo. This is when all of your spins have been used and all of the free spins have been played. You will then have the opportunity to play again at the price and potentially win a bigger prize.

Symbols and payout rates in Monopoly Slingo Slot at W88

If your counter lands on any of the squares that have the Joker in it, then you are immediately entered into a bonus game. During the feature, there are 9 different playing cards, only one of which has a cash prize attached. If you choose the correct card then that prize will be added to your payout. The card is randomly chosen for you and you do not get to choose it yourself.

Sometimes, the game will also give you the option of where to place the Joker on the grid, so you can choose a location for this card to increase your chances of winning. Each time you pass a Go you will increase the amount of Free Parking.

If you land in the Free Parking lot, then you will get the amount of money contained therein. There are also a number of Chance and Community Chest slots on the board. These cards will give you a bonus or penalty every time you touch them.

Prizes and punishments include being moved to a different card on the grid, being sent to jail, or winning a cash prize.

Bonus Features Monopoly Slingo Slot at W88

Roll the dice and move up the board. If you land on a property, all the cards on the board of the same color will be marked with a star. Each time you double, you will be awarded one Free Spins. If the regular 7 reels or 8 reels end without reaching the Full House, you can buy additional free reels to complete the board with stars, reach the Full House and redeem for higher prizes. The cost of the extra spin will be displayed so you can choose your moves according to your budget.

In addition to what we just said, this game’s volatility is shaped at the beginning of each session. This allows players to choose to play low volatility or high volatility through 4 levels as follows:

  • Dog: low volatility, 8 reels, additional 4 reels.
  • Car: medium volatility, 7 reels, additional 6 reels.
  • Ship: medium high volatility, 7 reels, additional 8 reels.
  • T-Rex: high volatility, 7 reels, loads of additional reels.


Monopoly Slingo Slot is a real gem of the Slingo Originals range. If you have played the board game once, you cannot miss trying out the many virtual versions that you can find in the W88 bookmaker. The fact that you can choose the level of volatility of the game makes it interesting for any player.

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