Ariana Slot Review: RTP, bonus features and how to play

Ariana Slot

Ariana Slot is one of the heroine-themed slots of the sea that is attracting a large number of players at online bookies, including online bookie. When playing Ariana Slot you will be involved in an exciting adventure under the sea. To better understand how to play Ariana Slot, RTP and bonus features, please refer to our article below.

Overview of the game Ariana Slot

Ariana Slot is a game released by the famous game publisher Microgaming. Ariana is built of 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 paylines, fixed and unchanged RTP of 95.48%. In this slot game, there are special symbols that are familiar in the ocean, which are beautiful mermaids, seaweed, corals, treasure chests and symbols that are usually 10, J, Q, K cards.

Ariana Slot is designed based on a large ocean context for players to freely explore and adventure into the mysterious world with beautiful mermaids while playing the game. Basically, this game is highly appreciated by slot players on W88 online bookie for its graphics and sound, creating a realistic and natural feeling when players experience it.

In particular, the maximum prize players can receive when winning is up to $ 30,000. In order to meet the needs of a large number of slot players, W88 has also launched the Ariana Slot market. Although quite new, this game very quickly received good feedback and reviews from players about the quality as well as the payment rate.

How to play Ariana Slot

How to play Ariana Slot at W88 is also quite simple, if you want to experience just follow the instructions below:

How to play Ariana Slot

At the home page, the player will click on the Slot item => Choose a Microgaming provider and click Play now. When the new window appears, in the search field enter Slot game “Ariana Slot” -> Select “Play now” or “Try it now”.

At W88 online bookie, there will be completely free trial games for players to experience and get used to before playing for real money.

When the main interface of the Arina Slot game is displayed, to participate in the game, players will place bets by clicking on the coin icon on the right corner of the screen.

Then choose a bet between 0.5 – 125.00 or specific numbers that the bookie offers. Or players can also choose the maximum bet depending on the amount of capital they have.

After placing your bet, you will click on the icon with a 1-way arrow to start the bonus spin. Finally, just wait for the system to show the result and payout percentage.

If you win the bonus will be automatically credited to your credit at the bottom of the screen.

Symbols and payout values of Ariana Slot on W88

Ariana Slot has a total of 11 paying symbols from low to high. And players will be rewarded if the reels show 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols on the specified paylines. Specifically, the payout levels for symbols are as follows:

Symbols and payout values of Ariana Slot on W88

Bonus features & Free Spins in the game

Wild symbol Ariana

This symbol can replace all symbols except the bonus symbol. During the free spins the wild symbols create stacks of symbols on the reels and create their own winning combinations.

Bonus symbol

The winnings of the bonus symbol will be multiplied by the total bet staked. Winnings with the bonus symbol will be added to the payline winnings and the bonus symbol will be paid out anywhere on the reels.

Free spins feature

The appearance of 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols will trigger 15 free spins. Wild symbols will be stacked on reel 1 during the free spins.


There is nothing complicated about how to play Ariana Slot if players learn and research before participating. Hope the evaluation information about W88’s Ariana Slot game will be useful to you.

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