Android Slots – Play the best slots on Android at online casinos


W88 Slots offers slot games from 15 different slot game publishers for players to enjoy and win money. This makes the number of slot games at W88 bookie up to hundreds of different games.

In addition to playing slots directly on W88’s website interface, players can also play Android slots. Here are attractive slots that players can play on Android mobile devices and win real money.

Why should you play Slots on Android?

The slot games are designed to be compatible with all interfaces including the Android interface, so the player’s experience is no different from when playing slots in the website interface. This is the great thing that W88 brings to slot game lovers.

Playing W88 slot on Android can help players save time and can Lucky Tarot participate in slot spinning anytime, anywhere. Here is a guide on how to play popular slots on Android to win real money quite similar to the iPhone slots that W88au talked about earlier.

Top best W88 online Android slots games in 2022

Lucky Tarot

RTP: 96.99%.

Lucky Tarot Slot

Lucky Tarot is an attractive W88 slot game developed by Gameplay Interactive. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, players can enjoy their victory by adventuring into wild lands filled with mythical symbols.

Lucky Tarot has been optimized for mobile devices and is compatible with iOS and Android. Getting used to the gameplay is easy thanks to the smooth player interface, with just a tap or a click and everything is fully automated.

This is one of the slot games with the highest jackpot winning rate today and attractive to players. Lucky Tarot has sound, vivid and realistic images. The interface is carefully designed to provide the most optimal experience possible for slot players at W88 online bookie.

Wuxia Princess: Mega Reels

RTP: 95%.

Wuxia Princess: Mega Reels is a W88 slot game inspired by the story of the beautiful Wuxia princesses with charming landscapes like in Asian historical movies. The soothing colors and characteristic images of ancient beauties have helped Wuxia Princess quickly conquer the majority of gamers who love Gameplay Interactive’s slot games.

The most unique feature of Wuxia Princess is that it has 6 columns, 7 rows of rows in the form of stairs and has up to 250 winning lines for players.

The payout of the Wuxia Princess slot game will be calculated from left to right, ie the basic symbols or special symbols after appearing will be calculated from left to right, according to the pre-defined paylines. .

Golden Ink Rat

RTP: 94.53%.

Golden Ink Ra slot is a beautiful Asian culture themed game with lots of cute little mouse characters. According to the Chinese zodiac, the rat is an auspicious symbol representing luck and fortune. This entertaining game has a lot of winning symbols with different payout values ​​and a few bonus features that keep the game fun. Of course it has all the favorite features of a basic slot including Wild symbols, Scatter and free spins.

Golden Ink Rat is a 3D game form of W88 slot that players can participate in on Android. It was born to mark the strong development of modern slot technology on W88 online bookie to make the world of slot games more attractive with beautiful interface, sharp and realistic images.

Blossom Garden

RTP: 97.01%.

Blossom Garden Slot
Review Blossom Garden Slot Game

Blossom Garden slot is inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms in a flower garden, symbolizing the love and beauty of women in the past. This is a relaxing, engaging, fun and less boring game that gives a better overview of traditional Chinese culture.

Blossom slot features 5 reels with 30 paylines, medium volatility and has a wide range of bonus options including free spins and a very lucrative Jackpot.

Blossom Garden is also a very popular mobile slot game on Android phones and tablets.


Above is useful information about the best and most attractive top Android slots today at W88 online bookie. Hopefully this article will help players choose a suitable Android slot game and play the slot game for real money.